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Age is just a number is precisely proven by the soaring talent MV Smithin Joshua



Following the footsteps of his father, MV Smithin Joshua, born on 27th April 2011, son of the Renowned Indian Music Composer and A Music Miracle, Maris Vijay and Rajalakshmi Ganesh, is a ten-year-old music aspirant spreading his charm over the keys, accomplishing his statement over music.

Since a child, MV Smithin Joshua has acceptably preached age as just any number, by showing his considerate interest in music and passion to achieve. He is doing coding in White Hat Jr., being a certified game developer. His manifesto is all sight on Minecraft, Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic Maniac.

When toddlers preferred toys as their best companion, MV Smithin Joshua imprinted on music and its keys. His personality is fringed with instruments like piano, guitar, and drums. With an athletic spirit of the chase, he is currently pursuing his graduation in both theory and practical music, from Trinity College of London. At such a young age he is having his own work station at Trinity Waves. He works in Logic Pro X idolizing his father.

MV Smithin Joshua is fluent in languages like English, French, Hindi, and Tamil. He is creating music for his gaming music and sound design. From being certified by White Hat Jr., Great Goals, Cue math, to securing places like first in general knowledge, second in science and third in math Olympiads, school level in grade3, MV Smithin Joshua is now all set to plot the base for his career as a music artist.

With a spiritual light within, MV Smithin Joshua is a firm believer of God with a habit of going through the Bible every day. Music has been a considerate part of his soul. From listening to music and going into that ecstasy of peace after a deep sob to recording a phrase and playing the instruments in the music studio, MV Smithin Joshua aptly claims his way in music.

MV Smithin Joshua has sung jingles in Anil Fire Works (Hindi & Tamil) and has done numerous voiceovers for ads. He prefers to listen to music like coco, hill songs, Don Moen, Maranatha Kids & Praise, and worship. He is promptly getting ready to exclaim the display of his charisma in music. He has also signed as an artist for M-Muzik.

Talking about his recent projects of 2021, then he has launched few music albums namely Indian Mummy, He is Back & He Chase Me on some renowned music platforms like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, AudioMack, Amazon Music, Jio saavan and YouTube etc…

Sharing an accomplishment with the truth and the appellate nature of life is what wins the ultimate flaunt. The efforts and the enthusiasm MV Smithin Joshua puts in his decoy to charm are visible to any bare eyes. Having this natural gift, he is all instances to witness his expertise gain high recommendation. With innocence carved on his face, with voice melodious to every frail vain and with hands that apt the command to every key, MV Smithin Joshua is all praise.

The raw enchantment MV Smithin Joshua holds on his audience is worth a try. The feeling of accomplishment to hear him portray is beyond words to express. Loved and praised by all, the summoner of this aesthetic appeal from the audience stating his realistic appearance with such devoured claim over his talent at this tender age, MV Smithin Joshua crowns his established conquest in music.

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Rising Musical Talent 423kidk Set To Release New Album “Never Going Back”




Starting out with a very difficult life in Germany, 423kidk shortly after moved to Chattanooga. Although it was his hometown, he had to leave for better life opportunities, going through various troubles with his personal life, as well as his family. It never got the best out of him and he only kept moving forward, aiming for a better tomorrow by being the best version of himself and bringing about an evolutionary change in his music production.

This music ultimately led him to realize that the main goal of life is not to focus on the number of struggles an individual has but to be focused on attaining true happiness and peace. This could only be gained through success, so 423kidk headed out to achieve it.

He has released a number of singles that are very popular, for example, the track “Southern Stunna”, which displays an unmatched vibe. 423kidk wants to create more diverse music and this time he is coming out with a different theme. His newest album which will be dropping on 18th February 2022, will be all about the struggle that he has gone through, and how his hard work will pay off because of his determination. 423kidk has written this entire project and recorded it all by himself with guidance from beatmakers and engineers.   

“Never Going Back” is much awaited by all his fans, since his previous singles were also very positively received. No matter how wide the competition, 423kidk is going to stand out with his unparalleled skillset. To know more about the artist, make sure you stay tuned and follow his official accounts in the links provided below:

Official Website:

Album Pre-Save:

Official Instagram:

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Punjabi singer Madhur Sethi is back with yet another song after a short break of two months.



The “Hanji Hanji” fame proclaims to bring back the magic of 90’s romantic songs. His earlier two songs “Hanji Hanji” and “Tu Bombay Di” received great response from the audience. Sources state that the song has already been shot by Filmy Boys. According to the rumours this song is a 90’s inspired romantic song with an upbeat urban music. Fans are excited to see the singer dance in yet another amazing song and speculate for this song to be a peppy one.

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Building the Future of Personalized AI Experiences 



Search engine algorithms are always changing to deliver relevant results to people searching the internet. Voice search is a feature that has had the potential to enhance the search experience for nearly a decade with the introduction of Siri, and there has been slow but steady progress since. Even still, everyday tech users are often dissatisfied with conversational artificial intelligence (AI) software, especially as the expectation of personalized experiences grows.

Too many users hit the limit of voice AI, experiencing the frustration Siri or Alexa not understanding who “the rock is.” Furthermore, each time you make a search it is as if it forgot entirely what you just asked. The synthesized voice coming from a virtual assistant might sound human, but the actual brain underneath is impossible to mistake for being human. The fundamental approach underpinning current approaches to voice assistant cannot ever achieve a true dialogue capable AI.

Can AI Voice Assistants Improve Lives?

Machine virtual assistants, like website chatbots and voice-command applications on smart devices, help save time by delivering results to questions and curiosities. Bots do this through artificial intelligence, using a set of insights from previous data gathered over time. 

Global search engines like Google are seeing a rapid increase in verbal command search. 27% of people who conduct searches on Google do so by using voice search, whether through Siri, Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana or Google Voice Search.

Voice search has traditionally been implemented by transcribing speech to text and then just executing a traditional text search. However this fails quickly because people do not speak the same way they type. Systems built to execute searches from text cannot handle the dynamic language that is used as part of speaking. As tech companies attempt to improve conversational AI to meet growing demands, it’s an exercise in agility and innovation, requiring coordination between search algorithms and the latest AI capabilities. All whilst being willing to unload baggage from text based systems.

Conversational AI Systems

Conversational AI allows people to interact with machines in a way that resembles human-to-human communication. By processing information and generating a relevant response, it can provide quick results or insights. Fundamentally these systems are built by distilling spoken language into a form that a computer can understand. This is done through what is called Natural Language Understanding. Classical systems do this by breaking out the keywords inside the spoken text and trying to determine what the user’s intent is and what key phrases they are mentioning. “Find me an action movie” has the intent of executing a stream search and “action” “movie” are the keywords within the text to help refine the search. 

Conversational AI Systems take this a step further and allow for multiple turns of conversation. This forms a dialogue giving a user the perception that they are interacting with a human on the other end. 

The Future of Artificial Speech Intelligence

Rather than trying to bolt-on outdated methods, one of the most advanced voice assistant technologies started from scratch. MeetKai Inc. is currently operating at the cutting edge of voice AI for personalized recommendations and lifestyle assistance, with “Kai” as the world’s first AI concierge, a personified machine that learns a person’s preferences to deliver unique recommendations based on who they are and what they might like. In a world where research for everything from a movie to a menu could be endless, this is a powerful resource.

Developers at MeetKai have done the due diligence, building a proprietary system that is unlike comparable voice AI technologies in the market. While they are still at the early stages of building out their offering, they have demonstrated that they do not have the same ceiling that other companies out there are facing. They align with overarching industry goals to make AI more of what people need:

  • Conversational. Smarter machine learning allows for better back-and-forth dialogue between human and machine. 
  • Contextual. As of now, popular conversational AI loses context as soon as the initial query is over. By building new voice search technology apps to have multi-turn technology, the virtual assistant can maintain the flow of conversation while remembering the original question. This delivers more sensible responses to follow-up questions, and brings user intent into growing machine learning processes.
  • Personal. Integrated voice-command apps allow personalized, conversational searches that will deliver better results to the individual. By remembering user behaviors and preferences, it will suggest individualized options rather than proposing the same results for everyone who asks a similar question. 
  • Account for negation. What if virtual assistant AI could provide smart results while excluding the types of answers people don’t want to see? For example, asking an app, “What is a good meatless crock pot recipe?” will only show recipes in results that are meat-free. Or stating, “Show me a Will Ferrell movie that isn’t like Elf” would deliver results excluding the unwanted film. 

Voice Search Technology Apps

There will be more to come in the creation of apps specifically designed to satisfy consumer needs and preferences in these areas. Developers are finally starting to bridge the gap between search engines and voice AI.

Leaders in this space understand the assignment: “We want to create a voice AI that is capable of interpreting your requests in a more human language, while also remembering your tastes and preferences, putting back the personal in personal assistant” says James Kaplan, leading innovator and founder of MeetKai. He believes that pushing the limits of AI to make speech technology more contextual and personalized is key to seeing this type of technology serve the world in ways it’s supposed to. As the machines we use each day get smarter, we all stand to gain.

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