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Founder of One Healthcare, Dr. Sameer Arbat, champions for Air Pollution & Health Awareness



Dr. Sameer Arbat is a world-renowned Interventional Pulmonologist. In addition to that, he is an established researcher, teacher, and clinician in Pulmonology and Interventional Pulmonology. This talented genius has won several accolades for his international and national achievements and works for the cause of air pollution and health awareness.

He is the founder of the One-Healthcare initiative, that promotes healthy living in Maharashtra. The foundation is associated with various dedicated organizations like the Centre for Sustained Development, Clean Air Asia, Columbia University. Together they work in synchronization to promote health awareness.

The association does this by regularly conducting health camps and education programs in Central India. Most of these talk about serious issues about the region like asthma, air pollution, COVID-19 Awareness, and sleep disorders. One-Healthcare also organizes anti-tobacco campaigns and blood donation camps.

Dr. Arbat has a penchant for creating better and healthy lives for people around him. Owing to his good deeds towards society, he has appeared in several press articles, radio talks, news interviews, podcasts, YouTube videos, and much more. He uses these as a medium to talk about public health awareness so that people can lead a life void of illness.

Dr. Arbat dedicates his achievement and kind acts for the betterment of the world to his family. He believes that without his wife Tulika and son Noam, he couldn’t have had the positive energy to achieve his goals. In fact, before introducing himself as an Interventional Pulmonologist or the founder of Breathe-Life foundation, he calls himself Noam’s father. Dr. Arbat says that his wife has provided him the constant support required to achieve and do such great things in life.

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Introducing Madison Sohaney Buff, a successful Digital Marketing Manager of the top brands and organizations. With the ambition of being independent and successful, she was determined to work from a very young age. Madison is a prominent example of a bold, enthusiastic and purposeful lady dominating her profession making her role and position count.

As mentioned earlier, she started working from a very young age. Madison used to run her own digital marketing agency, namely “wefixmarketing”, when she was still in her college. This shows how clear Madison is about her goals and how particular and focused she is about her purpose. Further, once she graduated, she was easily hired at one of the top marketing companies in the country, namely Lombardo Partners. Presently she is planning to stay in her company for a while but at the same time work for her entrepreneurial plans on buying real estate and flipping housed and using her marketing skills to get the highest profit off the home flips. 

Being one of a kind, smart and strategic women in this world, Madison will soon become an eminent and flourished figure, inspiring numerous being mainly the youngsters all across the world. Madison is investing her money and efforts into variety of jobs so that, the process of selecting and figuring out the most profitable career becomes easier, which proves her will to become the ruler of her profession. Adding her interest, she mentions that she is extremely interested in fashion and hopes to create influential content for high and fashion brands. Other than that, talking about her personal interest, she loves to travel the world and has already visited more than 25 different places.

Madison mentions, “My goal is to be one of the top recognized names in marketing as a female, I want to create impactful content”. The word which is frequently seen here is ‘top recognized’ companies, that depicts her desire to be a dominant character by working in the dominant platforms as a female in this male dominated society. Through the very process of developing and evolving, she wants to manifest and seek her highest potential and focus on her personal growth. Madison is on her way to become a brand herself and set an example as one of the influential people in the world, overcoming the boundaries of gender.

To know more, follow her on:



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SHAMIG – The musical force



When you think of music, you want to hear something which makes your body move and your lips sync. But not every artist you come through gives you the melody you want. Every artist aspires to be something one can’t exceed and everyone admires, but just wanting things doesn’t make you worth the praise, you have to go through the intense heat and pressure which brings out the gold in you, and those who do the required become the unstoppable force me and you love. Here we have the man who did everything which was needed to make him THE MAN he is today in the industry he belongs to.

 Rumaldo Hernandez, popularly known as SHAMIG is a singer-songwriter who made his way to success by sweating blood without turning his back to the fears he had. The singer-songwriter from Westside Chicago, IL has a bachelor’s degree in communications marketing and media management. He has contributed to the music industry for 21 years.  

 SHAMIG attested his talent by winning the 1999 Paoli Award for Best new group with True Funkalistic in 1999. He also started his YouTube channel in Oct 2006 which has crossed more than 1.5 million views.

 His recent releases named ‘ESA SONRISA’ and ‘NO TE ENAMORES’ also got a lot of support from his followers giving him more than 500k and 900k views in the respective official music video. 

 Even after having the responsibility of satisfying the musical needs of all the people who praise his talent, SHAMIG takes some time out for his hobbies like boating and basketball. He also shares that his favorite music includes Reggaeton and Salsa. 

 SHAMIG worked his fingers to the bone and passed all the tests life tried to take, but not every time it was easy on him. He shares how his biggest predator was his self-doubt which made him wonder if he could carry on doing what he was doing in his life without having someone by his side. But before this doubt could swallow his career, he woke up and snapped out of the bad dream coming back to track doing what he is the best at.

 SHAMIG gives all the credits to his family and fans who helped him overpower the bad times and keep making music. According to him, his biggest achievement is the support he got after releasing music after being away from the music industry for 15 years. It’s the acceptance and support of his fans that make him what he is today.

 Not disappointing his fans and leaving them mid-journey in life, SHAMIG aims to make the music that motivates and lifts people to do the best in their lives vanishing all the fears they have. 

 He wants to make the type of music that stays relatable for every generation and lasts forever.

 To follow and support SHAMIG in his journey and make him a part of your beautiful life, you can follow him on his social media mentioned below

 Instagram: –@shamig7



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Cyber Boy Corp. Has Turned Into A Conglomerate



You must be thinking about why Cyber Boy Corp. is so popular and what makes it so mind-blowing? The company has a diversified portfolio. It’s subsidiary, CyberBoy Ltd., a London-based corporate office, oversees a textile factory in Germany, and distributes its clothing line directly to consumers in Europe. The average cost of a t-shirt is $29.99. The Chief Financial Officer and Chief Technology Officer brainstormed on the idea of launching a nutritional supplement brand earlier this year. Today, Cyber Boy Corp. has five sports nutirition products for sale on their corporate website and is rumored to be planning on selling their sports products on in December. Sr. Roy Andrade published his diary earlier this year titled, ‘A Millionaire’s Diary,’ and currently on sale on for $29.99. If, that’s not enough, the Company also has a 3D chess game in the works.

There are so many things about chess that make it widely popular in many regions of the world. Chess is such a classic game, played by millions of people around the world. This game has transcended the barriers of culture, language, and even time. Yes, even time. This game was introduced 1500 years ago and is said to be originated in India.

It is such a highly strategic board game that reflects the sharp mental capabilities of a player. But as the world is entering the era of technology, everything is going online. There are many online adaptations of famous cardboard games like ludo, cards, and even chess.

With business closing during the pandemic, and unemployment growing at an alarming rate, everything has literally gone online, even the board games. So if you have an opportunity and are drooling over chess by watching the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, Cyber Boy Corp.’s Royal-X, online chess game, will soon become the dominant way to spend time.

Cyber Boy Corp.’s 3D Chess Game

With that said, Cyber Boy Corp.’s online chess game is going to be released very soon in the market. Sr. Roy Andrade is a very successful venture capitalist. He has come a very long way and now involved in the field of technology. He started his entrepreneurial journey last year in May, providing executive protection services, and now he is competing with big names like Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Sr. Roy Andrade, the CTO of the conglomerate, Cyber Boy Corp., intended to launch “Royal-X,” earlier this year, but, the head of software engineering died of covid-19, and left Sr. Roy in the dust. Now, he is working with a team of tech experts to develop an even better 3D chess game.

You can expect everything that Cyber Boy Corp. is a part of to be 1st class, nothing less. The 3 dimension graphics of this game will enhance the users experience, and definitely grow in popularity once it debuts.

If you are stuck in lockdown and couldn’t find a chess player to play with, Royal Blood is the best option for you. You can interact with thousands of players worldwide to play games full of tactics and strategies.

If you are a newbie and want to learn the game and become a pro in the chess game, you can compete against the bot and amp up your chess skills through Royal-X. The best thing about this game is that it gives you a chance to win exciting prizes like trophies and actual cash prizes.

So mark your calendars for 2022, because the most exciting chess game is going to released soon. All android and iOS users will be able to install Cyber Boy Corp.’s 3D chess game on their devices without any hassle. The PC version of Royal-X is will be released very soon.

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