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Gurpreet Singh- An Influential YouTuber



Starting a You- tube channel is not an easy task. It requires lots of dedication and motivation to open the channel because it’s not all about opening one, one needs to keep engaging the audience so as to make the channel grow with lots of subscribers and views with relevant content. One needs to give quality time to make the content. There is a boy who is just 17 years old and has a substantial amount of subscribers on his channel as well as he is managing quite wisely between his studies and other activities. 

Born and brought up in Mehatpur, Punjab; Gurpreet Singh aka Gopi Saini is having a creative persona.

He is a blogger as well as an influencer. He is really very fascinated towards the entertainment industry and his dream is to become a supermodel so that he can walk in big fashion shows. Not only this he is also having an entrepreneur mind skills and wants to try his luck on that side too. As earlier said, he is having a creative persona and he is a multi talented kid. 

There are a lot of people out there who do not believe in themselves, they just get so much demotivation from the society. Because of this their dream remains a closed chapter which no one will read ever. But Gopi is on the way to make many new open chapters of his life which he will never close ever.

He is motivated enough so that he can walk on the path of success. The road to success has two faces just like coins; one side with disappointments and other side with joy but these two sides together make a successful journey.

The crucial one thing which we need to balance in our life so as to reach our goals is time. Time stops for none and it is our responsibility to plan the proper schedule of time management. Studying and blogging together is not an easy task but Gupreet knows the importance of time management in one’s life. We often listen from the mouth of other people that there was no time to invest in my dreams. But the thing is God has given us immense time to achieve our goals and it is our responsibility to plan our schedule in the right direction. Extra hour of watching Netflix and scrolling Instagram up to down for hours can wait but one thing which cannot wait is time to achieve big goals at a certain age you want.

We wish Gurpreet all the very best for his bright future.

You can follow Gopi Saini on Instagram – @gopi.sainii 

Shrey Yadav, he is from India and he is the youngest digital marketing expert and social media influencer with an outstanding track record in the market. He is the founder of digital marketing STALKE MEDIA and news and media website PRIVILEGE TIMES.

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MUN UNIVERSE-“Big Fish in a Small Pond”



It is a specialized digital marketing platform for promoting events organized by schools and colleges internationally with a special focus on Model United Nations. MUN UNIVERSE has promoted more than 200 Model UN Conferences across 20 countries. It in itself is a record for promoting the most number of Model UN Conferences ever to be promoted by any organization. MUN UNIVERSE offers its services through varied social media platforms like Instagram, Telegram and Whatsapp. Their motto, ” reducing the distance between MUNs and Delegates.” was justified when they received an overall rating of 4.7 on a feedback poll and a success rate of 93.4%.This made them one of the most successful digital marketing companies operating around the world.
When asked, Founder and Promoter, Mr.Parv Agrawal quoted Seth Godin, the marketing guru “A world might be too big a place to take on. So why not choose a small part of the world and take over it completely?”This same is the essence of MUN UNIVERSE. They opted for a niche market and made it their own. In a short span of time MUN UNIVERSE has achieved unprecedented success in its segment. It has already catered to the best international universities like NTU, Singapore and  Top Notch Indian Colleges like IIIT, Birla Institute of technology and Science, and several colleges of Delhi University.
Understanding the demand for a single and diverse platform to list all the online events, competitions and Model UN Conferences organized by different institutions and ensure equal representation, MUN Universe was created. Mr. Agrawal a young student,knew that MUN UNIVERSE can evolve into a hub for promoting Model UN Conferences, providing tips and advice to interested students and helping them choose the right events. MUN Universe also provides cloud based video communication, management assistance,advisory services etc. In no time, MUN UNIVERSE has became the top Model UN marketing company. MUN UNIVERSE has promoted more than 50 international conferences worldwide and has played a significant role in both Spanish and Canadian circuits.
 We congratulate the founder Mr.Parv Agrawal and wish success to the team of MUN UNIVERSE.

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Jonny Cutuli And His Rise To Fame With Tiktok



As a twenty four year old man from a small town in Sicily, Johnny took to the influencer side of Tik Tok early in March when the worldwide pandemic began to break out. After graduating from “Istituto Tecnico Commerciale” in “Administration, Business & Marketing” Jonny recently moved to the United Kingdom to pursue his career in “Marketing & Digital Communications”. Currently Jonny is currently studying at Edge Hill University, in a slight town called Ormskirk.

Jonny describes his daily routine to be very relaxed, but business minded and ensures that his viewers are understanding what it takes to succeed in the business industry. He says that in his daily routine he creates videos for university students and to motivate people on his social media. Jonny looks to always push individuals to their limits and he wants to help his viewers achieve their full potential and reach all their dreams. Jonny hopes that in the future he will be able to put all of his knowledge and experience into an book or an online course that individuals would be able to study and be influenced by the things he has to say. Jonny says that in this book he would share all of the secrets and tips as well as what not to do to succeed on Tiktok and other social media.

Apart from social media, Jonny is very passionate about a healthy lifestyle and he says he didn’t really get into that until about two years ago. Jonny says a lot of his time is dedicated to meal preparations and going to the gym to workout. A healthy lifestyle is something Jonny has always wanted for himself and he believes that it has got him out of a really bad place and has helped shaped him into the person he has now become.

After downloading Tiktok in March, it wasn’t until April when Jonny’s first video went viral. He posted a video and it was the first one to get over 2 million views on his account in less than 24 hours. As soon as his first video went viral he instantly gained 100,000 followers overnight and when he woke up the next morning he was completely shocked. With the most views he’s ever gotten on a video being 3.5 million, Jonny makes specific content intended for Italians. He has limited target audience and although this occurs, Jonny is still seeing the side of fame he has always longed for. In the future Jonny looks to create another account where he will be posting English content in hopes of reaching the American “For You Page”. Not only would this help Jonny in his state of becoming an influencer it would also broaden his business and have more of an audience to share his information with.

Overall Jonny has gained over 1.2 million followers on Tiktok and 133,000 on Instagram with a total amount of 46.6 million likes on Tiktok and counting. Jonny is very passionate about what he does and he looks to continue to expand his audience in any way possible. You can find Jonny on Tiktok @jonnycutuli although you might need to speak Italian to understand what is going on.

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“Cheap. Low quality. Not safe.”

     These are the words and phrases that we often hear whenever the subject of chinese or “made in china” products are brought up. The bad perception of the products coming out of China is a result of the combined influence of consumer experience and the influence of the media. Besides, low-quality products are also produced by low-cost countries like Vietnam, India or Bangladesh. 

Before, products such as tea, furniture and dishware like plates from China were considered to be unique and with cultural value, but when the country became a world factory for a large variety of items, catering to almost all of our needs, people changed their views. Other issues that emerged such as the lead content of the paint in toys at dangerous levels in 2007, and the melamine found in milk back in 2008, further influenced the views of consumers all over the world when it comes to Chinese products. Even with the various improvements and innovations presented by the manufacturers in the country, the bad perception on their products did not seem to die down. Even in the case of the current global pandemic, people are inclined more to the vaccines produced by other countries and would choose to ignore what is produced in China despite the reviews and recommendations of experts on its efficiency rate against the SARS-Cov-2 virus.  

Consumers’ mindsets almost always assume a product’s price as the direct indicator of its quality, but that is not always the case. Competitive pricing is actually influenced by supply chain costs and augmenting profits than it does the objective quality of a product. Business owners generally have a better understanding of this. Hence, the products are not of lesser quality, just with a lower price.

China’s economy has grown over the past several decades from relying on its agricultural sector to becoming the world’s leading manufacturer. They used to have a poor reputation on working conditions and low wages of employees, but legislation by the government over the years forced factories to improve employee rights, processes, quality control and worker training.

 On the other hand, some still do not know that big brands such as Apple, Armani, Nike, Adidas and many more are actually made in China. You may ask, “Why in China?” This country actually has much to offer aside from it’s workforce. They actually have great abundance and access to raw materials compared to other countries. Furthermore, the favorable tax laws also allow for less expensive exports. 

So Atlas Creative Group, a holding, logistics and distribution company with a global presence made a vital step in the growth of the company when it decided to establish it’s China hub. Founder Daniel Philip was seeking to establish a main distribution line and product source for the growing number of brands the company represents. China seemed to be a viable option despite the bad perception of its products, as the pros actually outweigh the cons. 

As mentioned earlier, this country also churns out high quality products, as there are factories that can produce products to a wide range of different quality standards. It all comes down to the demands one places on these factories and how much one is willing to spend on better materials and quality control. As Daniel was able to hire a great team, tying up with factories that can cater to the growing demands of the company was not an easy feat, but they overcame those hurdles. By setting up the main product source of the company, streamlining the distribution of the products to its sites around the world, such as the USA, Latvia, Netherlands, Brazil, Indonesia, India and the Philippines, operations became more efficient and with lesser costs due to the favorable tax laws of the country. 

The global pandemic that has been dragging on since the past year did affect logistics and distribution as many countries around the world imposed lockdowns to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but with the efforts of the team in China, the effects were minimal for the brands under ACG. Hence, despite the dwindling economies all over the world, the brands represented by the company were able to thrive, as products continuously arrived to the doorsteps of the consumers. Without the China hub, the operations of the company would have been greatly hampered and could have also felt the adverse effects of the pandemic on its commercial endeavors. 

Further, the high quality products being distributed by the company to various locations in the world from China will help to slowly break the stereotype given to Chinese products, as it seeks to change the image of “Made in China”.

With jewelry brands such as Cuzette, Monteza, La Hera, Palmpe, Lavenne, Olesca, Bonali and Vonachi, the company seeks to cater to every style, character, moreso the diversity of beauty in the world. Also with swimwear brands namely Swim Nova and Sandflair, that also tries to highlight the beauty of the body of every woman. And of course, Vente Smile exists to bring out the beautiful smiles that most people hide because they are ashamed of their teeth. As more and more brands are being represented by ACG, the team in China is necessary to keep everything on the move.

This is going to be a productive year for Atlas Creative Group as it aims to open its first retail shop in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia this month despite the hurdles of the global pandemic. They also aim to open more retail shops in other international locations within the year, which is definitely a big leap for the company. 

Delving into a scheme where many have failed in the past several months is not an easy task. Their team works diligently, coupled with their perseverance and drive to achieve the goals of their founder who shares the same values, there is no risk or challenge that they will not take on. If you wish to learn from Daniel, or work with him in starting your commerce business journey, do not hesitate to send him a message and then be prepared for a great ride towards your dream. As he once said, “I believe we were created and therefore we create. When we create it brings us close to knowing who we are and what our purpose is meant to be.”

Atlas Creative Group is a growing community that’s constantly looking for modern, unusual, unconventional, unpredictable, crazy ideas and suggestions all around the world from individuals who are motivated and passionate about their own self growth whether you wanna be a CEO or tap into sales and marketing. It’s a creative community that’s constantly presenting opportunities. 

Leading a big community is not a one-man show, there are so many factors that come with that responsibility and that’s why having unity, trust, belief, discipline and persistence are fundamental values that are crucial in maintaining the growth of the business. If you’re looking to learn from Daniel or partner with him to start your own venture or scale your commerce business, be sure to send Daniel a message and get started.

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