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Naina by Sanjay S Yadav & Divyam Agarwal



Naina is a romantic track written & composed by an Indian young musician Sanjay S Yadav and beautiful primary vocals by Divyam Agarwal. Sanjay S Yadav is the lyricist of Naina and in our conversation, he said that Naina is for his love Astha Tomar, Astha Tomar is Sanjay’s life partner, Astha is from Sanjays’s home town. In this song, Sanjay is representing his feelings for her, and Divyam’s voice made this song supercool with lovely composition. In our conversation with Divyam Agrawal and Sanjay, Divyam expresses his feelings when he was singing the song Naina, he was emotional and Sanjay was a little emotional and Sanjay had started cry once in the studio, he loves Astha Tomar so much and he’ll marry with her soon.

Sanjay S Yadav is an Indian pianist, singer-songwriter, track director, and Music producer. He is from the town of Tansen Gwalior Madhya Pradesh. Aside from movie soundtracks and unbiased tune, he’s associated with folk, conventional Hindustani, Indian tune. He is a student of Gwalior Gharana, who is the music director, composer, and lyricist of Naseeb Se. He has labored with Indian playback singer Yasser Desai and Grammy award winner Sir Warrenhuart in his song album. He is the music producer and director of Fark Nhi tune with Drug 06, he is 17 and he starts his profession in 2020 together with his first tune album predominant Aashiq Banya.

Through this song Sanjay is expressing his feeling for her, Divyam says he was so excited after reading the lyrics of Naina and a time he was crying for his love Vasundhra, Naina is a romantic and a peaceful Love track by Sanjay S Yadav & Divyam Agarwal. Sanjay loves Astha so much and writer her feelings about him, Sanjay says he wrote it with her picture and her love, he loves few lines from the song Naina “Teri Nazron Se Kati Wo Tarang Bhar Gayi H Wo Sunsuni Pawan”, Sanjay says he can do anything for her and will do everything for her, Astha is his senior in his school but in school, they don’t know each other in 2020 they meet Sanjay loves her so much, he is now with her in a relationship.

Divyam Agarwal is one of Sanjay’s best friend, Divyam is a music producer and an entrepreneur from India. The video of Naina is on both of the artist’s channel Divyam Agarwal & Sanjay S Yadav, the video of Naina has crossed 152k+ views within a single day It’s a record for both of them. Naina has released digitally on all Indian music platforms with label Sanjay S Yadav and music distributor SWAGGER DEEVS.

Song Available on YouTubeSpotifyResso, 150+ More Streaming Platforms

Connect On Instagram: Sanjay S YadavDivyam Agarwal

Shrey Yadav, he is from India and he is the youngest digital marketing expert and social media influencer with an outstanding track record in the market. He is the founder of digital marketing STALKE MEDIA and news and media website PRIVILEGE TIMES.

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Marvin Osifo The Young Australian Celebrity Stylist.



As a men’s stylist, his passion is to enhance the style and personal presentation of Australian men, in order for confidence and self-esteem. The goal is ultimate to improve the way they feel about themselves, and in turn to help them to put their best foot forward in both their business and personal lives.

An industry insider for over twelve years, Marvin Osifo has an acute understanding of what it takes to ‘make it’ in the fast-paced world of fashion. Born and raised in Nigeria, among a family in fashion design, Marvin’s upbringing cultivated a great appreciation of pattern, color, and style. With an affinity for fashion deeply engrained, Marvin migrated to Australia in 1992 where he commenced a career in fashion retail, working for esteemed brands including BALLY, Emporio Armani, and David Jones. After establishing himself in fashion retail, Marvin went on to study business management, marketing, and event management at university. Involved in the events and fashion spaces simultaneously, Marvin quickly observed a lack of opportunities for young designers. A fashion enthusiast and now events management professional, Marvin was inspired to bridge the gap, incepting his own event for emerging designers, Face Fashion

On the side of my styling business and events company, I also have brand partnerships with hotels, car companies such as Alfa Romeo and Porsche as well as clothing and accessory brands. I’m also an Australian lifestyle and style Influencer.

How do you avoid Stress And Burnout?

Family time, exercise, eating healthy and taking breaks. Upon awakening, I first spend some quality time with my family. I then juggle a healthy breakfast whilst I check my emails and social channels, before heading off around Sydney (or interstate and occasionally overseas) to see clients or to work with the companies I partner with. I also try to get to the gym 3-4 days a week. Getting to the gym regularly helps me a lot mentally. It feels good to burn off any pent-up stress and also take care of my body at the same time. I also try to eat a very balanced diet. I no longer drink coffee and I rarely touch alcohol. I believe that good health, mind, and body, will always reflect in your day-to-day efficiency.

How do you overcome Obstacles?

I have a few different methods when it comes to obstacles, my most favorite thing I use on a daily basis is to face the obstacle. I don’t like to beat around the bush. If I’m having an issue with something, I like to solve that issue or obstacle. I always keep in mind the end objective. Sometimes the bigger obstacle has smaller obstacles to overcome. When thinking about challenges, I break them down and tackle them in smaller pieces.

Words of Advice?

Learn everything you can, and then share that knowledge with as many people as possible. Think of it as a gift, and think of communication as a way to channel that gift to others. Knowledge is one of those presents that keeps giving.

Social Media Links

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/marvinosifo/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/marviniyareosifo

Twitter – https://twitter.com/marvinosifo

Website –marvinosifo.com

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Big Projects And MKP Artistry Along with Himanshi Khurana & Deep Sachar : A Major Event in Lucknow



Every event is bound to be complete and perfect when everyone participating cooperates and understands the value of the success of the event. Big projects and MKP artistry in Association with UPAA and Sr Global actually auditioned more than 1000 models so that they can choose the best from among the members who showed up. Now, how exciting does that sound? The variety, the aura, the wipe of the entire event was completely fantastic. In fact ,Big projects and MKP artistry was the major celebrity makeup artist who are responsible for giving one of the best looks for the day. They really uplifted the value of the entire thing by just doing what they are best at, I catching make up and trending fashion statements.

The celebrities who indeed took part in it were Bhavesh Negi, Omdeem Motiyani, and Ashrul Hussain. Also, shows and events are pretty incomplete without some chief guests present. Wamiq Khan , Sanjay Singh , Rahul Gupta , Pawan Singh Chauhan & Sabiha Ahmed were honoured for this purpose. Can you guess the next memes that also played a huge role in the event? Yes obviously it is the anchor, or we could say anchors, for this one. Zain and Payal Thakur put up a great show for everyone, making sure that they are going into the detail but also keeping it short so that the models get a lot of time to themselves too. Preferably, the entire project was something out of the box, very well presented and better than expectations because of the untiring efforts of everyone involved.

Huge projects require a lot of cooperation. It isn’t very hard to mess up things when there are a lot of people involved, but this event carried on smoothly without such hindrances because of active participation by everyone. Most importantly, since the celebrities were involved, It uplifted the elegance of the show. Moving on to the list of winners from the show, they had two main categories: Male and Female. The top ones are mentioned below:

Category: Female

• Winner: Venus Yadav

• 1st Runner Up: Deepanshi

• 2nd Runner Up: Manpreet Kaur

Category: Male

• Winner: Gaurav Mishra

• 1st Runner Up: Vikas Shakya

• 2nd Runner Up: Abhay Pratap Singh

I bet it was thoroughly enjoyed, since the winners were also awarded bicycles by the Roadmaster Company, from Mr Gyan. Roadmaster happens to be the event gifting partner apart from the security partner SS international.

It can also be termed as one of the highlights of the event, model of the year season series was introduced by Purujit Singh. Now, that sound exciting! So were the models present there- Thrilled! Also, The winner announcement do should also be mentioned here- Deep Sachar, Himanshi Khurana. Looking forward to more such great events in the future!

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Aasom & Holding My Hand by Sanjay S Yadav & Divyam Agarwal



Sanjay S Yadav and Divyam Agarwal both are well-knowned music producer, finally, on 20 Jan 2021 they have released their album from an Indian Record Label “Sanjay S Yadav Records”

“Aasom, Vol 1” is a romantic soulful album by Sanjay S Yadav for his partner Astha Tomar, album contains 06 songs with soulful compositions and one of the songs from Aasom is with Indian playback singer & musician Payal Dev and Indian lyricist Kunaal Vermaa’s Tum Hi Aana (Recreate), Divyam Produce Fall In Love song from the album, album is on all Indian streaming platforms including Wynk, Gaana, Saavan, Spotify and many more, album’s Tum Hi Aana song is on high on wynk music India, Sanjay S Yadav said this album was performed only for his partner Astha, and one of the single album Aasom. Love For Her is Sanjay’s best ever music and has added twice in Hungama’s Original Playlists.

Another album is “Holding My Hand” (Original) from Aasom for his Astha, Holding My Hand is an English romantic song with a pure heart soul music only with guitar composition, in this album music and lyrics performed by Sanjay S Yadav and primary vocals By Indian Record Producer Divyam Agarwal, with his soulful voice. Few romantic lines from the song “This Is My Most Fav. Hiding Spot”. This song represents Sanjay’s feelings for his Astha, Holding My Hand has featured in Hungama’s 3 Official Playlist, Divyam says when this song was performing his mind was full of thoughts about love and beautiful things about his love “Vasundhara”. Sanjay S Yadav says he can’t define how much he loves Astha, He is very lucky because of her, and will do everything for her. He has written a book for her and acc. to Indian media he is composing a total of 38 music albums and a few of them are with Indian playback singers and musicians.

Divyam Agarwal has signed the “Sanjay S Yadav Records” for upcoming albums. His best song is Holding My Hand & Naina (From Heart)

Holding My Hand, few lines are very unique because of Sanjay & Divyam’s feelings for their love,

Sanjay says “Aasom” word represents love, peace, and a unique thing in the world, the word “Aasom” is given by Sanjay S Yadav to her life partner Astha Tomar, Aasom(Aastha + Somya). The most successful album is Naina (From Heart For Special) has crossed 200k+ views.

Divyam Agarwal has released his few musical produced albums on all Indian platforms from “Sanjay S Yadav Records” (Dirty Minds) and many more.

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