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Nikunj Agarwal – A true Entreprenuer is a Doer, not Dreamer

Nikunj Agarwal is a Digital Entreprenuer , providing digital services in his way.
Nikunj agarwal is also founder of Technical Media, a digital marketing comapany.




Nikunj Agarwal began internet promoting as an independent essayist and functioned as an understudy in different organizations.

He learns new things by doing ventures individually. This is the manner by which he starts his excursion into the advanced world.

Nikunj Agarwal is an acclaimed figure on computerized stages.

Nikunj learned in the Rock Woods High School Level twelfth Business Course. His pastimes are web-based media, web based shopping, perusing digital books, and online overviews.

Instruction is the way to progress ;

Since Nikunj Agarwal has online courses he has sufficient opportunity to work and he can deal with both of these assignments from a solitary PC screen, so he utilizes his PC aptitudes to begin chipping away at sites, for example, specialists and different destinations.

As an independent site or site that has been working for quite a long time, it realizes how to accomplish something and has constructed an online stage called “Innovation Media” to give an assortment of online positions in advanced publicizing and promoting. Advanced. It is hard to manage learning and business simultaneously, however nikunj actually figured out how to accomplish the most elevated score in the class and win numerous scholastic decorations.

Contemplated turning into a computerized insurgency;

Over the previous decade, it has hugely affected shoppers and organizations. A significant change has occurred in innovation and use. Already, I just dealt with the Internet.

The source is today a stage for individuals to meet up and trade and trade encounters. Conversation and conversation are a wellspring of amusement.

Interpersonal organizations have become a medium that has more effect on the utilization of the Internet and arrives at the overall population. They are anxious to exploit the corporate age.

His techniques with respect to his vocation;

Nikunj Agarwal follows severe business morals and consumer loyalty is his first concern. It is unsafe and offers a venture online before a specific timeframe. Because of his administration abilities, Nikunj Agarwal has a disciplinary work group.

Indeed, even while perusing this article, he is exceptionally occupied with different errands currently.

The procedure is not, at this point restricted to the conventional showcasing model. The data has been appeared to cover the intended interest group rapidly and for an enormous scope.

The Indus is an arising economy and has the best market potential and the quickest developing computerized promoting industry accessible. This overview clarifies its degree.

Nikunj Agarwal : Privilege Times

A 16 year old being a bias wrecker for himself and a founder of a digital marketing company on his own Nikunj Agarwal from Fatehnagar a small town of Udaipur, he started a company named “TECHNICAL MEDIA”

Shrey Yadav, he is from India and he is the youngest digital marketing expert and social media influencer with an outstanding track record in the market. He is the founder of digital marketing STALKE MEDIA and news and media website PRIVILEGE TIMES.

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BNCW Media Division, Acrux Cloud By Aditya Raj Is Making It Easier To Manage VPS For WordPress



Aditya Raj is very well known because of his wonderful work and service to his clients. Some people find it amazing when they learn he was only 14 years old when he first made around $200 a month for his videos and web designing skills. Actually, there were few people who were doing this task and especially the surrounding people. Hence there was not much to learn from the surrounding ones, he took it online and learned computer languages, working with media, and many other things which have helped him along in life. 

What we learn from here is that you don’t need motivation to learn things and do them, you simply need to be determined and have a strong will power. That will ultimately give you the motivation to work, having a clear vision of your future.

I bet we all know about WordPress and there are people or content writers who have worked along with WordPress. It is pretty easy to use, and once you have learned the various tools to edit articles or other works, there is no stopping you. Aditya Raj is one such person who has not only worked for but also with WordPress with the help of his creation Acrux Cloud.

Briefly explaining, Acrux Cloud is one of the best quality hosting infrastructure ease which focuses on the simplicity of shared hosting services. It is also very affordable and easy to use, which makes people sometimes worry about the performance, but that too is flawless. The customers don’t have to worry about the basic problems while hosting, and the company’s services are focused on real time benefits. 

The most important feature here is that the security system is very reliable. It is stated that people who use it do not understand the complicated terms of the online world and need to get their job done, hence it is very to the point, lacking fancy unnecessary details. Some important features are- Quick installation and functionality of the control panel, total security along with automatic updates which will protect the system from being hacked from any part of the world, advanced monetary system with the help of which the user will track everything and also request stats, and a versatile application stack. 

Provided the features, Acrux Cloud has gained a lot of popularity. This VPS WordPress hosting option has really given many people a wonderful experience. Aditya Raj really outdid himself with this.

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Mohammad Nayem- Digital Marketing, Entrepreneur & Influencer in Bangladesh, CEO Yeager Digital



Today, we live within the 21st century, where technology is at its peak yet multiple corporations are struggling to reinforce their brand and identity globally, so marketing is that the only tool that costs less gives the simplest results.  

Being a prominent SEO marketing expert, Mohammad Nayem has thus far given his advice to several celebrities from bangla cinema dhaliwood, Brands, and various Corporations which helps them to maneuver forward digitally. With the increasing demand for digital marketing & advertising within the western world, people in Asia especially Bangladesh are now trying to find digital marketing experts and corporations that understand their company’s business and use their skills right to create their brand identity globally through digital technology.  

From copywriting, press publications, brand reputation, video marketing to traditional marketing, Nayem and his agency Yeager Digital are ready to provide their clients with the simplest services that are essential to offer global recognition to any brand today. He is playing his role alright in today’s fast-changing world.  

Nayem’s excellence in his work is supported and praised by entrepreneurs & marketing giants like Vinay Singh, Harish Pednekar & Deepesh Sawant who have skills to use digital tools and their leadership quality for private brands and corporations, which may help them grow the scale of their business.  

Mohammad Nayem and his team know that accurate market data is the secret to success as a digital marketer and agency. He has matured himself and became a reputed digital authority during this field thanks to the constant work on new projects.

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Fuhad Chowdhury – a young entrepreneur And Digital Marketer who is blowing up social media



While most of the youngster at his age engage in just studies and fun activities, Anas Khan is busy building his empire.

The entrepreneurship skills of the youth of our country has been increasing day by day. Everyday we see some young has come up with something new and creative and leading the youth by example.Fuhad Chowdhury is one such young boy from Noakhali who is a young entrepreneur who is blowing up social media these days with his amazing skills and work. At such a young age of 22 Fuhad Chowdhury is displaying great entrepreneur skills which is really fascinating. While most of the youngster at his age engage in just studies and fun activities, Fuhad Chowdhury is busy building his empire.

Fuhad Chowdhury is a multi-talented young guy who does the multiple thing with ease. He is a Digital Marketer, YouTube Vlogger, Crypto investor, Entrepreneur and he has very good sense of business too. Not only that he does all these things together but he is an expert in all these. He has been doing digital marketing from quite sometime and provides various digital marketing services.Fuhad Chowdhury has pretty deep knowledge about crypto currencies and Blockchain technology. He is considered a very smart crypto investor.

Even after doing so many things in his life and being a busy teenager.Fuhad Chowdhury doesn’t miss out on having fun like a normal teenager. Just like any normal youngsters he loves to play video games on his Play Station. He also likes to play snooker in his free time. Fuhad is very conscious about his health and fitness and for that he regularly does Gyming and swimming to stay fit and keep his body in shape. Fuhad Chowdhury hopes to become a really a big Businessman and Youtuber in future and he is working really hard for his dream each day. He is really an inspiration for the youth of our country. The way he is working hard for himself and leading a life with a aim is something really idol for all the youth of our country.

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