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Sibbu Suryan

Sibbu Suryan, 30, appears on Sun TV’s primetime show -Roja. Even though the actor has a prime time role and two film projects in the bag, he never gave much thought to being an actor. Just like any other graduate, he started working after completing his higher studies.

While he was steadily climbing up the ladder at his corporate job, his family and friends would suggest that he take a shot at modelling.

After a lot of persuasion from his loved ones, he started thinking of this prospect in a more serious way and finally decided to take a leap of faith and join the entertainment industry.

Suryan’s acting debut was on a Kannada TV series. His role was well received and gave him not only recognition but also gave him the confidence boost to explore further. He signed on to new roles in new languages. Of course for a new actor in an uncharted linguistic territory it wasn’t a walk in the park, but Suryan took everything in stride.

Sibbu Suryan believes he was able to navigate through that kind of negativity with the help of resilience and faith. He says, “As an actor, many eyes are trained on you. While some look at you with admiration, some look at you through a judgemental lens. When someone directs non-constructive criticism towards you, or is trolling for a few cheap laughs, it is key to continue walking your path and believe in your own abilities.”.

Luckily, Suryan’s fans outweigh the haters. Many shower their love on him – not only in India but overseas as well. He says that the fans are a big part of his support system and inspire him to work harder; “Many times people approach me and refer to me as “Arjun”, “Aditya”, or “Akarsh”. And it feels rather flattering, because I see that I was able to portray a character well enough and in a way that the character came to life and was its own person. It feels reassuring to have my hard work be recognised and for it to touch so many lives.”.

Suryan seems to be very grateful for the opportunities he has been given and thanks God for all his accomplishments. Suryan says that he has come a long way but still has a long road ahead of him.

Apart from acting, Suryan also wants to spend time on his philanthropic work. He devotes his free time volunteering at an Ashram for underprivileged children. He shares that one day he too would like to build a similar ashram and bring smiles on the faces of children.

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Meet, Brandon Howard, the founder of the famous CBD brand “Higher Life”!



Brandon Howard is one the renowned entrepreneurs in the industry who is the founder of the brand Higher Life”. Brandon Howard is also a strong advocate for the liberalization of marijuana laws in Indiana using the successes of other states as a model.

Brandon was always a warm-hearted man who wanted to help out every individual within his reach. Initially from the year 2008 to 2011, he worked as an artist manager and then from 2014 to 2018 he was an owner of a magazine Publication.  In the year 2018, he launched his own brand named “Higher Life”. 

“Higher Life “is one of the top Cannabidiol also known as CBD brands in present in the Midwest. The brand is located in Indianapolis, IN. It offers a product line of high-grade CBD and Hemp products that are formulated for the user to experience a full sweep of health benefits while providing a feeling of complete relaxation. They have worked with some of the country’s best CBD companies that use high purity CBD and other natural botanical extracts. Their product line also includes tinctures, edibles, skincare, and wellness products. The goal of “Higher Life ” to find attractive, effective, and healthful products that encourage optimal mind and body function, which will also make a person feel great. Higher life CBD also has a strong social media presence.

Higher Life CBD Dispensary LLC recently announced their partnership with Social Media Influencer Sara Molina along with the launch of a new line of Hemp-derived products. Sara Molina has a substantial number of followers on her Instagram account which can actually help Higher life to bring in more audience to Higher Life CBD to help market their new product line.  

“We at Higher Life are excited to create these new offerings in conjunction with Sara Molina. This is a big step for us into the social media influencer sphere. We look forward to creating products that serve our customers with Ms Molina far into the future.” says Brandon Howard. Along with the Hemp-derived products, they have also launched a new blueberry Indica strain delta 8 cartridges in 800mg size which has received a number of industry awards from publications like USA Today and High Times.

Brandon Howard is a widely-admired influential entrepreneur who has worked hard to establish himself as one of the most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs present in the industry. Know more about Brandon and his brand through his social media handle (link down below)





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Sugandha Aneja- The flourishing Makeup Artist from Delhi.



A makeup artist is deemed as one of the most valued professions in today’s era with the growing demand in the industry. It not only requires a particular skill set but also a creative mind to carry on with the chore. In the leading industry of fashion, we have the flourishing artist named Sugandha Aneja who is a professional Makeup artist from Delhi practicing for the last one and a half years and now serving as a professional in the same realm.

Sugandha Aneja being a prominent makeup artist is carrying her endeavor very professionally and efficiently. Being 23 years old self-taught Makeup artist she is working hard towards her goal. She says that her passion for Makeup keeps her going. She kick-started at a young age and now illustrating as an ideal example of ‘Practice makes a man perfect.’ With the precise combination of her creativity and skills, she is setting an example for many by showcasing her unceasing talent.

To glorify her expertise she posts her beautiful Makeovers on social media platforms like Instagram where she has decent followers and that looks so aesthetic that it is mandatory to mention that ‘her work speaks for her.’ She has served numerous clients to date. She always attains optimistic feedbacks from her customers for bestowing them with the best look and for making their big days one of the most memorable days. We wish her a lot more success and opportunities for the future.

Facebook :
Instagram :

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Age is just a number is precisely proven by the soaring talent MV Smithin Joshua



Following the footsteps of his father, MV Smithin Joshua, born on 27th April 2011, son of the Renowned Indian Music Composer and A Music Miracle, Maris Vijay and Rajalakshmi Ganesh, is a ten-year-old music aspirant spreading his charm over the keys, accomplishing his statement over music.

Since a child, MV Smithin Joshua has acceptably preached age as just any number, by showing his considerate interest in music and passion to achieve. He is doing coding in White Hat Jr., being a certified game developer. His manifesto is all sight on Minecraft, Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic Maniac.

When toddlers preferred toys as their best companion, MV Smithin Joshua imprinted on music and its keys. His personality is fringed with instruments like piano, guitar, and drums. With an athletic spirit of the chase, he is currently pursuing his graduation in both theory and practical music, from Trinity College of London. At such a young age he is having his own work station at Trinity Waves. He works in Logic Pro X idolizing his father.

MV Smithin Joshua is fluent in languages like English, French, Hindi, and Tamil. He is creating music for his gaming music and sound design. From being certified by White Hat Jr., Great Goals, Cue math, to securing places like first in general knowledge, second in science and third in math Olympiads, school level in grade3, MV Smithin Joshua is now all set to plot the base for his career as a music artist.

With a spiritual light within, MV Smithin Joshua is a firm believer of God with a habit of going through the Bible every day. Music has been a considerate part of his soul. From listening to music and going into that ecstasy of peace after a deep sob to recording a phrase and playing the instruments in the music studio, MV Smithin Joshua aptly claims his way in music.

MV Smithin Joshua has sung jingles in Anil Fire Works (Hindi & Tamil) and has done numerous voiceovers for ads. He prefers to listen to music like coco, hill songs, Don Moen, Maranatha Kids & Praise, and worship. He is promptly getting ready to exclaim the display of his charisma in music. He has also signed as an artist for M-Muzik.

Talking about his recent projects of 2021, then he has launched few music albums namely Indian Mummy, He is Back & He Chase Me on some renowned music platforms like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, AudioMack, Amazon Music, Jio saavan and YouTube etc…

Sharing an accomplishment with the truth and the appellate nature of life is what wins the ultimate flaunt. The efforts and the enthusiasm MV Smithin Joshua puts in his decoy to charm are visible to any bare eyes. Having this natural gift, he is all instances to witness his expertise gain high recommendation. With innocence carved on his face, with voice melodious to every frail vain and with hands that apt the command to every key, MV Smithin Joshua is all praise.

The raw enchantment MV Smithin Joshua holds on his audience is worth a try. The feeling of accomplishment to hear him portray is beyond words to express. Loved and praised by all, the summoner of this aesthetic appeal from the audience stating his realistic appearance with such devoured claim over his talent at this tender age, MV Smithin Joshua crowns his established conquest in music.

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