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The glam goddess {TGG}: 2020 season 1



THE GLAM GODDESS (TGG) 2020 SEASON 1 powered by e’clat superior co-powered by Shemyra founded and produced by Prarthana Singh Directed by Shaarvi Aggarwal.

Tgg is a way where beautiful women can show their talent and power.tgg has been founded by Prarthana Singh on 3 September 2020. Tgg is an online pageant audition of tgg have started on 12th September and will end on 31st october.tgg will help girls to groom themselves for their dream pageant. for participating participant age must be between 18-30.
Anyone can join tgg who lives in India. tgg will provide crown, sash, sponsorship, contract, prize money, etc to winners.
For participating check their Instagram page  @the.glam.goddess.

Powered by e’clat superior

About E’clat superior

  • E’clat superior is one of the fastest-growing, most premium, and most loved skincare brand of India.
  • E’clat superior have been appreciated by top dermatologists and cosmetologists of India and have a base of more than 1 lac happy clients.
  • E’clat superior have a range of serums for various concerns includes Glow and Radiance.
  • E’clat superior belong to one of the fastest-growing pharma company of India “Baxium Health Science” based at Ahmedabad owned by Mr. Sandeep Gupta.
  • E’clat superior rich experience in Derma and Nutrition has enabled us to launch innovative clinically proven skin serums in the Indian market.
  • E’clat superior is enclosing the list of our product portfolio with this mail.
  • E’clat superior is available at various sites and clinics in India includes Amazon, Flipkart, and Click on Care.

ABOUT SHEMYRA is an online fashion eCommerce platform started by Ms. Kajol Sharma a law graduate as well as a women Entrepreneur who is always attracted to the latest fashion and seeks to do move that latest fashion to an affordable level for everyone and Mr. Vishal Sharma an engineer by profession and have a working knowledge into the eCommerce platforms. They together started Shemyra with a mission to deliver the latest fashion at affordable prices without compromising quality.

Founded in mid-2020, the Delhi-headquartered startup brings together all the categories on a single platform.
With a tag line of ‘Fashion for everyone,’ they believe to get more traction towards the brand and will deliver the best for all the supergirls out there.



About Miss Shivani Tak:

  • Miss Shivani Tak is An Architect by profession and model by passion 
  • World supermodel India’s national finalist
  • Miss India earth top 15 
  • Pageant Grooming expert
  • Currently, goodwill ambassador of a welfare foundation called sahakar foundation, 
  • Leading the project of women’s health awareness and menstrual hygiene management in rural areas.

About MRS. Rupali Dadwal:

  • Being in love with Fashion her whole life, Rupali started her pageant journey in 2018.and became Mrs. Bharat USA 1st Runner Up 2018 with a title – Mrs. Congeniality.
  • Since then, she has been a part of many modeling projects. She has participated
  • in fashion shows like New York fashion week, Macy’s’ Fall Fashion show 2019, Celebrity designer Rohit Verma show, South Asia Wedding Fashion show,  NOVA Virtual Fashion show, and Passport2fashion Virtual Fashion show in Columbus fashion week 2020.
  • She has been invited as a judge and has appeared as a special guest in multiple events but Talent judge in Miss Bharat OH 2019 is her favorite.
  • Along with an affectionate wife, she is a caring mother of an 8 years old son and a Software Programmer Analyst.

About Nimisha Singh:

  • Nimisha Singh is a fashion stylist and a designer 
  • Currently, she is working with Amazon as a fashion stylist. 
  • Nimisha wants women to feel confident when they are wearing anything.
  • She thinks the most important thing, over feeling sexy or pretty, is that clothes should give you confidence. 

Tgg wants to highlight the talents of young girls, in reality, beauty pageants value beauty and aesthetics above all else. 

Tgg is meant to show the world how poised and well-articulated a young girl is. 

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Account Handles:

Shrey Yadav, he is from India and he is the youngest digital marketing expert and social media influencer with an outstanding track record in the market. He is the founder of digital marketing STALKE MEDIA and news and media website PRIVILEGE TIMES.


Armenian-American composer and pianist, Armen Ghazarian, releases his first original compositions: Untold Destiny, Op. 1 and Prelude No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 2.



Ghazarian embarked on his compositional career in 2021 with these two short piano pieces, which were released to all streaming platforms on 8/25/2021.
Prelude No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 2 opens with an elegant, somber, and story-like melody which quickly escalates into an emotional diatribe. The original melody was written by Ghazarian when he was in high school. It was written for a homework assignment – an artistic response to Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach. This piece is inspired by Parzival’s punishment, when he is cursed for his ignorance and believes that God has turned against him. The piece ends with a rageful climax, leaving the listener with Parzival’s unresolved anguish, setting the stage for the next piece in this release.
Untold Destiny, Op. 1 begins with a charming yet melancholic intro which quickly takes a mysterious turn into the unknown. The piece slowly builds up and develops into a triumphant march, bringing optimism and resolution. The album artwork for this release, created by graphic artist Levon Parsegov (@levonpa on Instagram) depicts a shaggy, old, and blind anonymous man (resembling the famous Armenian composer, Arno Babajanyan) who has his back turned to the darkness. When asked to explain the meaning of this piece, Ghazarian said “It’s about the centuries old struggle and of the Armenian people… the darkness of the past has left its mark, but the future is still untold.” The man on the cover is facing a lighter, neutral color, which represents the untold future (destiny).

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How are NFT artists making thousands of artworks?!



Code-based digital art creation explained

NFT series have been wildly successful for their unique ability to feature collections that are created through image composition algorithms.

Unlike conventional art, where a piece is created as one image, the merging of coding and illustration allows for the combining of multiple pre-made characteristics to create unique digital art pieces.

Each trait is assigned a numerical value on a scale of rarity, therefore creating a ranked system of the entire collection from least to most rare (valuable).

Each trait is represented by 1 layer, compiled on top of each other to make the finished image, as is done in programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

This is how Artists are able to make collections featuring thousands of works, something previously only possible through decades of work.

Blockchain technology has birthed a beautiful system of cooperation between Artists and coders, each contributing unique skills

This method of generation can be likened to creating a character in a video game, you personalise it by choosing from a gallery of traits that all fit seamlessly onto the ‘base layer’; different eyes, noses, mouths, headwear, outfits, accessories etc all combine to make something truly unique.

Randomising libraries of character traits means that the possible combinations can number in the millions.

When you see the words ‘NFT collection’, the image of 8bit pixel art may come to mind. Though this art style seems to be the most viral sweeping through the Blockchain art-sphere (mainly in part due to the first hugely successful implementation of this tech in ‘CryptoPunks’), it isn’t because of limitations on image generation technology.

Fully-rendered detailed artwork is fast taking over the NFT space, backlash against the monetary value vs effort/intricacy of the artworks has bred a new and higher quality wave of collections.

Take Jailbirds as an example

This series caught our eye for it’s creative and grungy crime based concept that not only includes unique characters but also unique (felony) histories to go with them.

We couldn’t help but view this series as less of an art collection and more of an alternate-reality winged criminal database.

With the inclusion of crypto and defi (decentralised finance) related crimes and punishments alongside detailed illustration and an imaginative backstory, as well as an impressive library of over 300 traits, this collection ticks all the boxes of a thoughtfully designed NFT concept.

‘BItconnect’ refers to a large Ponzi Scheme that Lost investors $2Bn after the coin’s price dropped from almost $500 to less than $1

The inclusion of each character’s criminal charge does more than add interesting detail to the piece, it places them in a ranked database within the Jailbird meta verse.

NFT creators are branching out into interactive value-creating projects beyond the art collections themselves; featuring virtual spaces (similar to Hambo Hotel), games with in-game currency and earning potential as well as comics, miniseries and physical goods.

We have a feeling we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to NFT implementation, watch this space!

Check out Jailbirds & the latest trending NFT projects to collect and invest in here

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‘National Human Rights Anti Crime and Anti Corruption Bureau’ has been Endeavoring Consistently to Help The Needy in Every Way Possible.



The Representatives of NHRACACB are Constantly Toiling Hard to Aid The Needy and Helpless in Society.

Under The Guidance of The Founder and National President of The Bureau- Hon’ble Mohit Gupta and Other Officials, The Members Try their Best to Curb Corruption in All Sectors of Society whether Government, Private, or any other, and Ensure Justice by Protecting People’s Fundamental Rights Granted by The Constitution.

The Bureau Celebrated its 3rd Anniversary Day On 17th August 2021 by Donating Food and Essentials to The Elderly.

The Bureau has Eternally Fought to Raise The Dignity of The Poor, The Down-Trodden, and Oppressed People and Firmly Forced The Bureaucracy and The Government Officials to take Appropriate Actions.

They have always Stressed The Fact that The Basic Needs of Common People, such as Food, Shelter, Clothes, must be taken Care of by The Government Authorities and have shown Utter Commitment to give The Poor and Downtrodden their Rights to Live Better Lives with The Help Rendered by The Bureau.

The Bureau has Recently Launched ‘Mission 5000 Members’ in which they Aim To Enroll 5000 New Volunteers in the Bureau So as to Spread their Good Cause to A Wider Audience of kind People So that The Most Number of Needy People can Benefit from The Same.

The Founder- Mohit Gupta said “In India, Corruption and Human Rights Violations are Huge Problems that Block The Growth of The Nation and have Deprived The Common People of their Rights to Live. The Bureau has always stayed at The Forefront of The War Against Corruption and Gruesome Cases of Human Rights Violations and We Will keep Fighting Till We Build A Corruption-free Nation.”

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