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The glam goddess {TGG}: 2020 season 1



THE GLAM GODDESS (TGG) 2020 SEASON 1 powered by e’clat superior co-powered by Shemyra founded and produced by Prarthana Singh Directed by Shaarvi Aggarwal.

Tgg is a way where beautiful women can show their talent and power.tgg has been founded by Prarthana Singh on 3 September 2020. Tgg is an online pageant audition of tgg have started on 12th September and will end on 31st october.tgg will help girls to groom themselves for their dream pageant. for participating participant age must be between 18-30.
Anyone can join tgg who lives in India. tgg will provide crown, sash, sponsorship, contract, prize money, etc to winners.
For participating check their Instagram page  @the.glam.goddess.

Powered by e’clat superior

About E’clat superior

  • E’clat superior is one of the fastest-growing, most premium, and most loved skincare brand of India.
  • E’clat superior have been appreciated by top dermatologists and cosmetologists of India and have a base of more than 1 lac happy clients.
  • E’clat superior have a range of serums for various concerns includes Glow and Radiance.
  • E’clat superior belong to one of the fastest-growing pharma company of India “Baxium Health Science” based at Ahmedabad owned by Mr. Sandeep Gupta.
  • E’clat superior rich experience in Derma and Nutrition has enabled us to launch innovative clinically proven skin serums in the Indian market.
  • E’clat superior is enclosing the list of our product portfolio with this mail.
  • E’clat superior is available at various sites and clinics in India includes Amazon, Flipkart, and Click on Care.


Shemyra.com is an online fashion eCommerce platform started by Ms. Kajol Sharma a law graduate as well as a women Entrepreneur who is always attracted to the latest fashion and seeks to do move that latest fashion to an affordable level for everyone and Mr. Vishal Sharma an engineer by profession and have a working knowledge into the eCommerce platforms. They together started Shemyra with a mission to deliver the latest fashion at affordable prices without compromising quality.

Founded in mid-2020, the Delhi-headquartered startup brings together all the categories on a single platform.
With a tag line of ‘Fashion for everyone,’ they believe to get more traction towards the brand and will deliver the best for all the supergirls out there.



About Miss Shivani Tak:

  • Miss Shivani Tak is An Architect by profession and model by passion 
  • World supermodel India’s national finalist
  • Miss India earth top 15 
  • Pageant Grooming expert
  • Currently, goodwill ambassador of a welfare foundation called sahakar foundation, 
  • Leading the project of women’s health awareness and menstrual hygiene management in rural areas.

About MRS. Rupali Dadwal:

  • Being in love with Fashion her whole life, Rupali started her pageant journey in 2018.and became Mrs. Bharat USA 1st Runner Up 2018 with a title – Mrs. Congeniality.
  • Since then, she has been a part of many modeling projects. She has participated
  • in fashion shows like New York fashion week, Macy’s’ Fall Fashion show 2019, Celebrity designer Rohit Verma show, South Asia Wedding Fashion show,  NOVA Virtual Fashion show, and Passport2fashion Virtual Fashion show in Columbus fashion week 2020.
  • She has been invited as a judge and has appeared as a special guest in multiple events but Talent judge in Miss Bharat OH 2019 is her favorite.
  • Along with an affectionate wife, she is a caring mother of an 8 years old son and a Software Programmer Analyst.

About Nimisha Singh:

  • Nimisha Singh is a fashion stylist and a designer 
  • Currently, she is working with Amazon as a fashion stylist. 
  • Nimisha wants women to feel confident when they are wearing anything.
  • She thinks the most important thing, over feeling sexy or pretty, is that clothes should give you confidence. 

Tgg wants to highlight the talents of young girls, in reality, beauty pageants value beauty and aesthetics above all else. 

Tgg is meant to show the world how poised and well-articulated a young girl is. 

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Account Handles:

Shrey Yadav, he is from India and he is the youngest digital marketing expert and social media influencer with an outstanding track record in the market. He is the founder of digital marketing STALKE MEDIA and news and media website PRIVILEGE TIMES.


Jack Dean. A Gem Himself, Revolutionising The Game.



Among so many business ideas that people have come up with in the present times, there will always be people who are unique and come up with something extraordinary to do that in high demands. Putting it very simply, every country has its own way of making things and popular commodities. Some countries have skilled craftsmanship and some are good at other things. Jack Dean happens to be an experienced designer, and the CEO of Jeweller Jack Limited. This brand is one of a kind through his specialist approach to creating custom designs as per the request of the clients or as per the inspiration of Jack Dean himself. At the present date, the CEO is a big entrepreneur, originally born in Sheffield, UK. He has managed to become well established just at the age of 28 years, experiencing some of the best as well as the worst parts of life. He is an individual with unique qualities, possessing the capability of performing a lot of different tasks at the same time. Jack was not always a multitasker, he had to grow out of his comfort zone in order to make the best out of situations. He has never backed down from a particular challenge. Jack knows his way around things, he can solve any particular problem even if it wants his complete attention. He knows very well that efficiency is key.

Jack started in 2017, dubbed ‘Jeweller Jack’ it certainly took him quite some time to build the huge network he has today.
“I provide quality products and the best customer service, this is the reason why I have done so well. They’re not only happy with my work but are also very satisfied with the service. Remember, you cannot expand your business unless you satisfy people. Different people have different expectations from me and I have to act according to those. This is a business, and also a way of life.” Says the expert. You will probably gain a lot from Jack Dean’s insights, he has spent a huge chunk of his life building himself as one of the best.

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sai abhinay chepuri : A cocktail of talent, resources , helping nature and opportunities a new definition and inspiration for modern entrepreneurs



The idea of being successful  and doing smart deeds for society is that the most fascinating thought someone is bothered in his life. All the dreams and ambitions that we tend to nurture from childhood come back true after we emerge victoriously or get to be our own boss. The age of 20s is that the time once graduates area unit busily enrouting their careers, and therefore the budding entrepreneurs begin living in their dreams of however their venture goes to be. Amalgamating it, we are able to say that the school amount is that the time once the youth starts to admit being successful  and become freelance. however wouldn’t or not it’s nice if you were successful  and doing smart for society, both, at constant time?

One such man World Health Organization created his name a whole with all his exertions and dedication within the domain of entrepreneurship is man. Sai Abhinay Chepuri. 20-year-old Sai, a final year B. school student of beautiful skilled University, isn’t solely a successful  enterpriser himself however is additionally serving to others to achieve success in life. At such a young age, the proud Verto owns 2 flourishing start-ups, build It unforgettable (MIM) and Enviropromise.

No one ever thought that a small-town boy of Karimnagar, born during a bourgeois family, would be shining sort of a star in the future and would be living a life less standard. But, Sai, World Health Organization ne’er gave informed his dreams and keenness for achieving the goals he had set for himself and believed that every one his efforts would bore him fruitful ends up in the longer term, proved  that nothing is not possible. Startlingly, through his start-up, build It unforgettable (MIM), started back in 2017, he has up to now helped around seventy people, World Health Organization area unit capable however not well resourced, to find work by associating them with massive company companies.

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The Real Preneur: The All In One News Site



Are you tired of looking up the best apps on the play store? Do you really want to get the best gossip news about celebrities as well as other important political and sports updates? Here’s good news- The Real Preneur (puns make everything better).

The one thing that most news sites and websites need to keep in mind that it is going to reach out to a lot of people and therefore the audience list is huge, it is reaching out to people belonging to all age groups who are all interested in so many different things. Hence it is important for them to maintain a website that posts news covering all the topics on a daily basis. Considering that the teenage generation is basically focused on reading about celebrity gossip, Sometimes about games and upcoming movies or series. People like to read about sports, the players, the Olympics and so much more. For example, the trending topic these days is the Royal family, in fact, there has been a lot of insight on them since Harry and Meghan left the Royal household. Every website is keen on creating content that is trending. The Real Prenuer gives them exactly that.

The one thing that is important is complete customer satisfaction. If a page is providing them with all the details then they do not feel the need to shift to any other page. long detailed articles that give an in-depth analysis on certain topics are always appreciated. The Real Preneur does not lag behind in any of these. Moreover, there are updates every day on not just one particular genre but posts from all genres are updated. There are two important things when articles are written, the number one thing is readability and the second factor is SEO. All the writers of the page are well aware and trained to make sure that they excel in both. They are easy to read, interesting, and have unique details which you won’t find elsewhere.

Another thing that really matters is the design of the page and the simplicity. The Real Preneur page formal is made in such a way that a person, be it going or old, would find it easy to use and explore through. The topics are listed in chronological order, ranging from recent to the oldest. It is, moreover as aesthetically pleasing to look at and to read.

The Real Prenuer is quite popular for all the above-provided reasons. Eager about the series you’re watching? Want to know the release date and spoilers of an upcoming movie? Look it up on The Real Preneur!

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