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World’s Youngest Serial Entrepreneur Akhilendra Sahu: whose work speaks for itself.



Akhilendra Sahu started his business enterprise venture from his old neighborhood of Narsinghpur in MP, India. At first, he functioned as a consultant. He was 17 at that point. His fantasy was not the same as the majority of the adolescents of his age.

You may not trust it, yet there are endless prospects and openings on the planet. The individuals who have a will to accomplish something never relinquishes them. Human life and vocation are restricted. That makes it even more significant for us to locate our everlasting calling and making an imprint on the world. There will never be an ideal opportunity to start than this moment. People who realize this are uncommon and furthermore they are the ones who really accomplish something in their life. Business visionaries is a variety of such people who are anxious to oppose the customary lifestyles and accomplish something out of the crate.

In the previous hardly any many years, India has risen as wellspring of intensity and improvement for the world. Changes are occurring in the Indian business situation on a quick movement. Inside no time digitalization has reshaped many driving organizations. In any case, who drove this move? To be sure it was with the legislatures help, however it was really helmed by the youthful business people in India. One such business visionary at the business change cutting edge is Mr. Akhilendra Sahu, the author and CEO of ASTNT Technologies Private Limited.

Akhilendra Sahu started his enterprise venture from his old neighborhood of Narsinghpur in MP, India. At first, he filled in as a consultant. He was 17 at that point. His fantasy was unique in relation to the greater part of the adolescents of his age. His objective was to begin his own organization and he turned out indefatigably for accomplishing it.

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During his outsourcing work, he increased great measure of introduction to business strategies and dependent on them he began ASTNT Technologies Private Limited. He was into computerized advertising where he got accomplishment to number of customers India. However, he needed to develop more. He would not like to be restricted to one specific specialty.

In the accompanying two years, he established a couple of more organizations taking into account diverse customer needs. His new organizations incorporate Technical Next Technologies (International Hosting Provider), ASTNT Media (30+ News Sites Network), HeyIndia (Social Media App), StartUp199 (Web Development), FoodChilli (Exclusive Restaurants and Food Delivery), InfinityFame (Public Figures Marketing Agency) and The Publishly (Press Release Distribution). The entirety of the referenced organizations are obliging the Indian customers in the most ideal manner. They create great income.

It is stunning to see that Akhilendra at such a young age got what he needed and is doing it in his as own would prefer. His witticism is perfectly clear: Client fulfillment most importantly. He regards them as a divinity. Maybe, that is the thing that has made him effective. Thoughts and openings don’t simply work out all alone. Achievement is a two way street. It needs endeavors from your side as well. There is no cheat code to innovative achievement. The arrangement is basic, don’t trust that the perfect time will show up. The second you start pursuing your objective is the point at which you really set out on an excursion of accomplishment.

Going past preventions, being bold on an essential level and having an idea that could change the world, this is what India’s young age is connected to, portraying the nation and showing to the world what we can do. Akhilendra anticipates the equivalent from the maturing business people. His master tip to them is to think past the normal and work on it reliably.

Shrey Yadav, he is from India and he is the youngest digital marketing expert and social media influencer with an outstanding track record in the market. He is the founder of digital marketing STALKE MEDIA and news and media website PRIVILEGE TIMES.


Faiz Qureshi – Founder/CEO of Reddwings Production , a famed organizer of all type of fashion activities



Faiz Qureshi is the founder and CEO of Reddwings production house. He is a prestigious and illustrious personality with an put of box thinking. He has organised several International fashion shows and beauty pageants.

His production house is a very prominent one among the fashion industry. He multitasks as both the organizer and judge in over 20 plus shows. He has appeared on 50+ shows as a celebrity judge. He us recognized for his potential and talent.

Faiz Qureshi was born in Meerut on 7 March 1993. He belongs to a well off high stature business class family. After pursuing his schooling from Guru Tegh Bahadur Public school he moved to Dehdradun to complete his graduation from graphic era university. He kickstarted his career as a model. His genuine and dedicated interest in the field of Fashion and film industry helped him reach greater heights in the field.

his firm works on promoting fresh and professional faces and talents in the fashion and film industry. He believes in giving people the right opportunity to let in their talents flourish. He guides people and help them pave their 0path towards success. Faiz Qureshi is a man with multitudinous procurements.

His choice of characters and locations is exquisite and he is quite a luminary. He has established a name for himself in his field of passion. He has been publicly honored by awards. His achievements would go down a long length. Woth his undying efforts he is truly commendable and admirable. Wishing him all luck and more succes!!

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The person and the reason behind the growth of many businesses through digital marketing: Jeet Shah

Snippets, voice search, visual search, online reviews are the current trends in digital marketing in 2021. These aspiring techniques stood as the top priorities for the topmost business owners.

Many of us choose Digital marketing, also referred to as Internet/Online Marketing, to grow in our business. From rudimentary AdSense to product reviews, recommendations, email communications, E-Commerce purchases, and content creation, everything involves the way we let customers/clients know about our products/services in a precise manner.

People are greatly attracted to innovative things which are the most successful ways to convey, implement, and enhance the ideas. With great ideas, anything can be turned from impossible to possible. The idealistic and innovative personality named ‘JEET SHAH’, a Gujarati digital marketing expert is a jewel of Digital Marketing industry.

He is the topmost Digital Marketer in Gujarat, who is having unbelievable grasping power towards Online Marketing. He is supporting clients in terms of their business growth for years. It might be a wonder to know this 21-year-old digital master has helped hundreds of clients, including Guajarati businesspersons through his marketing skills.

Jeet always believes in his extraordinary skills in digital marketing. He chooses social media very often as a medium to reach common people. Such are his strategies, very grounded and very practical. That is why his strategies work wonders. There were many struggling days in the starting days of his career when he worked as a food delivery boy. But he never loses hope and believed strongly in his abilities. The resultant is a top digital marketing expert.

Jeet, an innovative digital marketer, is having a dynamic team which he thinks is his strength. He also owns an Agency on Instagram, where the team works closely with clients to help their business grow through social media and other forms of marketing. 

It is the best suggestion you would get if anyone told you to grab an idea from Jeet, as it would be the test with no-fail. No matter what, he puts his best efforts towards his client businesses. His hard work towards his passion gives you new strategies which help you grow exponentially. 

Have a look at The Great Thinker Profile here 

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Diya Sachdeva: Tomorrow’s Super Model With head, ambition, standards & confidence high



one such personality is rising from a small part of the realm to the modeling industry. Talking about the rising star Diya Sachdeva, a 25 year old freelance model and influencer. She is also doing paid promotion on Instagram for good brands cosmetics, jewelry, clothes and fashion and making her portfolio extremely attractive.

Facing camera is a challenging work, your head should be held high with confidence, your hesitation should be least but Miss Sachdeva without any hesitation, with a good confidence and bold personality is facing camera for 1 year. She also has 1 year experience in posing for photoshoot. This shows that her skills are getting polished.
Diya Sachdeva is soft spoken and also knows how to handle hate.

People love her sweet nature and the most important center of attraction among her fans is her fashion sense. She loves to try new trends and mostly she does experiment with styling. Makeup, another skillful thing, which needs high accuracy. She nails that very perfectly, that’s one of her favorite things to do.

she doesn’t want to stop anywhere in between, her ambition is to touch the sky with her skills. She wants to be a super model like those in the industry and she also want to work with the best names of biggest music video creators. Furthermore, she aspires even higher like working for OTT platforms like amazon prime.

diya Sachdeva message to the society explains that the world cannot run with one gender alive and women are no less in matching shoulders with the other gender in running the globe but the orthodox society which is still affecting the development of the nation,

doesn’t want women to get out of the house. Hence, for the sake of development and to respect the presence of women in the society, they should be encouraged, loved, cared and should be made stronger.

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